Deliver your message
to over 12 million users worldwide
on any device

This is why our clients choose to advertise on our extensive game network

Through an assortment of strong game brands and partners we offer advertisers access to precisely segmented target audiences in more than 25 countries.

For smartphone, tablet and desktop PC
ad formats
Full social games community
Global distribution, cultural monetization

Reach your audience on every platform

Gamers are everywhere nowadays. To reach them you need to think cross platform. More and more people are playing games on mobile but the biggest part of traffic is still on desktop.

CoolGames Media offers advertisers the opportunity to connect with their audience on desktop, tablets or mobile devices. Target girls, boys or women and show them your message through the advertising possibilities of CoolGames Media.

To further increase conversion we will target the countries or regions where you want to sell your product.

Global network of casual gamers

HTML5 games are booming. Being able to play your favorite game on any platform and retain a native feel has convinced millions of people worldwide.

Our game brands entertain a 6 million players every month while our white label solutions attract another 6 million. That’s a whopping 12 million people playing our games and viewing your ads!

We have a strong presence in the US, Japan, UK, Brazil, Australia and Western Europe.

Engage & interact

You want to tell a story to your audience, we can help you with that! As our advertiser you will have acces to state-of-the-art possibilities to engage your audience:

  • branded games
  • video advertising
  • high impact & rich media formats
  • brand integrations & sponsorships
  • social hubs

These are our Game Brands

These 11 brands are part of an ever growing family of premium game portals.
Pay them a visit or see what audiences go with them.

click map CoolGames WordGames SuperGames StickGames CookingGames
click map DressUp Gal Games DressUp Games DressUp Pink Games Girl Games GirlSoCool

...and some of our white-label partners

6 million people playing our games and viewing your ads.

White labled Brands

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