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The CoolGames Media network of developed gaming destinations are enjoyed by over 12 million gamers monthly resulting in over 200 million ad impressions!

Whether you want to reach 3 million girls from 8-15 in the US, 1 million women in Japan or 1.5 million young boys in the UK we are here for you!

Mobile is the now

40% of our audience is playing games on mobile devices and this number is growing month on month. We see that users on mobile are 30% more engaged with advertising than desktop users. Mobile is set to outpace the console industry in terms of revenue in 2015.

We are ready to show your message in a creative way!

Casual gaming facts

Some interesting facts about casual gaming:

  • 87% of all 145M US gamers aged between 10 and 65 play on casual websites or social networks

  • Online casual and social gaming takes 39% of all 215 million hours spent on gaming each day in the US and 29% of money

  • 87% of US Facebook gamers also plays games on casual websites

  • The share of paying online players is highest in Asia (46%)

So what are you waiting for?